Tennis World Tour Is Swinging For Match Point On Nintendo Switch


Mario Tennis enthusiasts were treated to a mammoth sized update at today's Nintendo Direct presentation. The 5 minute feature served up a ton of content for the game, and if you weren't a tennis fan before, you just might be now - for Mario Tennis Aces, at least.

However, you're not completely helpless if you're on the receiving end of a Zone Shot. The powerful "Zone and "Special" shots have the potential to damage and even break an opponent's racket if not blocked in time". Meanwhile, the new Zone Speed allows you to reach far-off balls by slowing down the action Bullet Time-style.

Nintendo said earlier this week it would discuss more information on Mario Tennis Aces which is out this spring, and it sure did.

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All those moves consume energy from a gauge that slowly fills up over the course of a rally. The game will support up to four players in local and online multiplayer; Nintendo is promising online events and tournaments, with rewards such as special outfits and even bonus characters. We also get to see the risky "Trick Shot" maneuvers that might be tricky to handle but can be of great help if you pull it off.

In addition to providing Switch gamers with a specific release date, Nintendo also shared more details about the upcoming game.

Players will be able to use the Joy-Cons and Pro Controller for standard controls but will also be able to swing the Joy-Cons and use motion controls should they choose.