Taylor Swift Drops 'Delicate' Video, Dances Like No Ones Watching!


That's the theme behind Taylor Swift's music video for "Delicate," which was released during the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday.

She starts the video standing on the red carpet being interviewed before receiving a very glittery note from a stranger. The video takes a twist when she discovers a magical note that renders her invisible to everyone around her.

Which is every celebrities dream, we assume?!

Alone in a fancy powder room, she's making faces at herself in a mirror when three women walk in, and - poof! - suddenly Swift realizes that no one can see or hear her.

She dances like Maddie Ziegler in a Sia music video!

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The "Delicate" music video depicts Swift's superstar persona, dolling up for the media and hanging out at the most glamorous hotels with the fashion forward.

Find out all the details on the new "Delicate" video in the link below. In October Swift returned with "Ready For It", which many are deeming the least memorable video of the four to date, despite its high-tech concept. We can definitely see it taking off even more than it already has especially with the help of this awesome music video that gives the "Reputation" era a whole new meaning.

It's cool to see Swift have a new image of herself and not really caring what the gossip magazines have to say about her personal life.

We think it's one of the best songs on the album.