South Korea Is Turning Off PCs to Stop People Working Late


There has been a decline in socializing, spending time with family and over all family health.

The shutdown applies to the main Seoul metropolitan government office building including the Seoul city hall, as well as other divisional secondary buildings.

The government in Seoul wants to stop its employees working such long hours and will attempt to do so by automatically shutting down all PCs on Fridays at 8pm.

Seoul Metropolitan Government announced it would shut down employees' computers at 8pm on Fridays so they would be forced to stop working and go home, according to the BBC.

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A study conducted by multiple South Korean researchers in 2013 concluded that, for the nation, "long work hours have an adverse effect on emotional well-being". In April, the shutdown will start a bit earlier, at 7:30 p.m.

The final phase begins in May, when the permanent cut-off time of 7pm will be implemented every Friday. The government office said nearly 70 percent of people have asked to be exempt from the power down initiative.

According to a SMG statement, all employees will be subjected to the shutdown, though exemptions may be provided in special circumstances.

The South Korean government is set to start shutting down computers in parts of the country to stop people from working for too long, and potentially driving themselves insane in the process. Both countries have one of the shortest working hours, yet are rated among the highest in competitiveness in the world.