SNL: Robert Mueller Can't Commit to Collusion in The Bachelor Spoof


The Mueller sketch served as the cold open and saw McKinnon as Mueller in a bit parodying the breakup from the Bachelor finale, where Mueller says he "can't commit to collusion".

"How do I start this conversation?" "I'm just trying to be honest with you in telling you I can't commit to collusion right now".

She added, "I was ready, Bob".

Though the sketch starts off a bit awkward (though not almost as awkward as the real-life breakup that inspired it), it picks up speed when it becomes clear this isn't just jamming together two ubiquitous pop-culture figures, but making a pretty compelling argument that liberals hoping the Mueller investigation will result in impeachment is maybe about as smart as believing in true love on The Bachelor. "I was ready to do the whole damn thing".

"I let my walls down for you", Strong's Becca said. "And I think you've sensed that". Luyendyk awkwardly hovered, even as Kufrin repeatedly asked him to leave and walked to the bathroom to cry.

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Trump spoke of his party's tax reform bill ("bigger than [Ronald] Reagan"), Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) ("very low-IQ individual"), NBC's Chuck Todd ("sleeping son of a bitch"), and Oprah, whom he said he would "love to beat" in the 2020 election, though it would be "a painful experience for her". "He's just gonna be president?" "That's definitely fun, that's just, like, not what I'm doing", McKinnon says.

SNL star Kate McKinnon reprised her impression of special counsel Robert Mueller and broke some tough news to a disappointed contestant, played by Cecily Strong, which lead to an awkward exchange. MacKinnon returns for one last line: "Look, if it makes you feel any better, the Kush is cooked, and you're the next bachelorette".

"You don't have Trump on collusion?"

The cold open Saturday night depicted the independent prosecutor performing the inevitable breakup from the reality series. The show aired a parody commercial, This is U.S., featuring the "real-life drama happening in our government every day".