Snapchat Takes Notes From Instagram Stories With New Tagging Feature


Apparently the new tagging system is now being rolled out - so be on the lookout! That will likely change when the feature is rolled out to all users.

To tag someone, type out a username in the text field and then swipe up on the "more" option located at the bottom of the screen, which will open a section titled 'People, ' displaying the user's information.

For now, tagging seems to be appearing on the app for some users.

What new features would you like to see added to Snapchat?

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The feature was first spotted by comedian Matt Rappaport on Twitter, and was later confirmed by Snapchat to tech site TechCrunch. Tagged users also won't know if you tag them in a Snap which, while isn't a big deal, may lead to a negative response from users who promote privacy on apps like these. Also, whoever gets tagged will receive a notification, so nothing will remain unseen.

Influencers including DJ Snake, Tchami, and even Kylie Jenner have made the switch from Snapchat exclusively to Instagram Stories.

Taking a play straight out of Instagram's book, Snapchat is adding the ability to tag other users!

Tapping on the username prompts a pop-up that will take them to that profile.