Putin 'couldn't care less' if Russian citizens meddled in United States election


Russian Federation said on Sunday it successfully launched a hypersonic missile which President Vladimir Putin called "an ideal weapon" as he unveiled a new array of next-generation arms earlier this month.

There were 110 passengers onboard, while over 40,000 people had gathered at the stadium to watch the opening ceremony, the reporter said.

The film comes ahead of an election he is expected to win on 18 March.

None of the candidates are predicted to stand much of a chance against Putin, with the most high-profile opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, banned from taking part in the elections.

Putin then received another phone call, through which he was told the bomb threat was a false alarm and the hoax was made by a drunk passenger who never had a bomb with him.

"They told me: an aircraft from Ukraine to Istanbul was kidnapped, and the kidnappers want a landing in Sochi", Putin says.

"What are you talking about?"

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During the film Putin was asked by interviewer Kondrashov - a top state TV presenter and now Putin's press secretary - if there were any circumstances in which he could envisage returning Crimea to Ukraine. "The hijackers demand to land in Sochi", Putin said.

Reports are emerging that intelligence chiefs feel they have enough evidence to formally accuse Russian Federation of the attack.

In the Russian language, there are different words for citizens of Russia (Rossiyane) and ethnic Russians (Russkiye), though the latter - which was used by Putin in the interview, according to the Kremlin transcript - sometimes has a broader connotation.

Last September the United Nations accused Russian Federation of committing "grave human rights violations" in Crimea.

When asked why Russian Federation wouldn't interfere in U.S. elections, Putin insisted the country neither has the desire nor the means to do it. Putin's denial, however, runs counter to assessments by USA intelligence agencies. "He should clarify his comments at the earliest opportunity".

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he "couldn't care less" if Russian citizens tried to meddle in the 2016 USA election because, he claimed, the perpetrators weren't linked to the Kremlin. Or maybe Americans paid them for this job.

Spiridon Putin continued to cook for the Soviet establishment until not long before his death in 1965 at the age of 86, the film says.