President Donald Trump Compares Mexican Immigrants to 'Professional Mountain Climbers'


Meanwhile, reports surfaced that Trump's supporters in Congress are planning to use the upcoming debate over government funding as an opportunity to cut off funding to sanctuary cities.

Protests are planned elsewhere.

"I don't think the wall is border security", Schumer said, according to a Reuters report. Two of them are unique to California, but one of them has been adopted by several other states and localities, potentially placing them in the Trump administration's legal crossfire.

When asked whether he would veto a budget bill with no punishment for sanctuary cities, Trump said, "We're going to see".

"There are certain areas where they are really wanting us to build a wall because people are complaining, people are pouring in". Much like the men and women with whom they serve, these dogs are highly trained to seek out threats and neutralize threats. During his tour today near the US-Mexican border, the president talked about what he thinks is most needed for his ideal wall.

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Trump's first stop in California since becoming president was viewed as a presidential poke in the eye, as was Attorney General Jeff Sessions recent announcement in Sacramento that the Department of Justice is suing California over its sanctuary laws. In a letter Monday, he invited Trump north to the Central Valley to tour the bridges and viaducts being built for the state's high-speed rail line.

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As Trump's motorcade made its way up the freeway from the San Diego area to Los Angeles, at least one person flipped off the passing cars, The Los Angeles Times reported.

On a cloudy, wet evening, around 500 anti-Trump protesters rallied at Beverly Gardens Park, blocks away from a mansion Trump owns. Trump is scheduled to attend a campaign fundraiser in Beverly Hills.

A Trump administration official told reporters that the wall will save "far more money than it will cost", citing estimates that illegal immigration costs the country tens of billions of dollars a year in terms of money spent on law enforcement efforts to fight drugs, as well as to provide education and social services to illegal immigrants.

"For smugglers and criminals, they would simply find a taller ladder, or dig tunnels like they always do, no matter what walls are built", Uber driver James said.

California is the future, we are told. "It's something that he's going to continue to push for".

"The United States would have to put more agents on the border".

"These policies release unsafe criminal offenders to prey on innocent people and nullify the federal law". No Republican candidate is given a viable chance of capturing one in the next election. According to reporting by The New York Times, such large-scale enforcement actions typically have a success ratio of around 30%.