Nintendo Announces Super Smash Bros. Switch For 2018 Release


Announced in a teaser trailer during last night's Nintendo Direct, the much lusted after Nintendo Switch version of Super Smash Bros is making its way to the console and will do so in dramatic fashion. The reveal that he was, came from none other than Sakurai himself, who took to Twitter to make the announcement. Actually, though, you should know about Nintendo's brawler fighting game series, in which popular characters from Nintendo's most successful game franchises battle it out in whimsical, platform-filled arenas. The first trailer for the game is below.

Super Smash Brothers for Wii U notoriously put a lot of strain on the longtime Kirby and Smash director, so fans have been skeptical on whether or not Sakurai would return for the Switch Smash Brothers.

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Super Smash Bros. fans will find it hard to wait for new information, which will likely be from E3 2018. Regardless of potential serious health risk, Sakurai is back and so is Smash Brothers, and the world can not wait. "Super Smash Bros." is coming back. With 2018's first quarter already coming to a close, a new Smash Brothers can not be more than nine months away.

The working title of the game is "Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros", which means that it will be a standalone game and not a port of the Wii U's "Super Smash Bros 4".