Next Hearthstone Expansion Is Called "The Witchwood", Brings New Mechanics


Blizzard have confirmed the first expansion for Hearthstone's Year of the Raven.

As in every expansion, the set's big additions are the new card types. They all had a good laugh about it later. Apparently a minion with "Echo" can be played multiple times in the same turn.

Curious players can keep up with the now announced cards here.

Along with a bevy of new cards, Witchwood will also introduce a new Echo keyword. In other words, these will enable new gimmicky decks that may or may not pan out, but people similarly underestimated cards like Razakus that ended up dominating the meta for awhile. Worgen cards swap attack and health each turn they're in your hand, so you can hold onto them at different times for different results. Next month, those cunning and courageous enough to hunt down monsters and outwit witches can claim their bounty in the form of 135 hair-raising new cards, complete with some uncanny new gameplay mechanics.

The video wraps up with a tease for a Hagatha card-a new hero card, quite possibly, but there appear to be at least a couple of Hagathas in the WoW mythos-Hagatha Moorehead, Matron Hagatha-and neither of them look like the character on the card. In addition, crafty deck-builders can employ powerful minions that challenge them to use only odd- or even-cost cards in exchange for a potent advantage.

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A new free Monster Hunt single player mode, simiar to Kobolds & Catacombs' Dungeon Run, which will challenge players to eight continuous hard battles, leading into a big boss fight. Much like that adventure, Monster Hunt will have players defeating bosses and drafting decks as they go, though they'll have to wait two weeks after the set launches before this mode goes live. That works like a modified Charge, letting minions attack other minions - but not the opposing hero - right away.

There will be four new heroes, each with their own hero power.

Starting today and up until the expansion is released, allies of Gilneas can pre-purchase The Witchwood card packs in a special 50-pack bundle that also includes 20 bonus packs, as well as the "In a Dark Wood" card back for free.

Hearthstone is now available on PC, Mac, and mobile platforms.