Moto X5 gets cancelled as Motorola fires up to 50% of staff


Reports coming out of the United States are that not only have Motorola had to lay off employees but also that they have cancelled one of their popular lines of phones.

Motorola Mobility (Lenovo) just tapped 50% of their Chicago workforce on the shoulder to let them know they are being laid off. A post stated that the last working day for the employees affected would be 6 April 2018. Motorola is also targeting that one-third of the company's total sales should come from organized Motorola outlets and Moto Hubs. This is a far cry from their previous efforts to increase the number of Mods being made. The company will also be scaling back on Moto mods, focusing on ones that "turn a profit" instead of the niche market it now caters.

"We are not going for any fixed target (to reach 1,000 "Moto Hubs") but it can be as soon as in the next six months", Mathur, who is also the executive director for Lenovo India, said.

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"Our customer-centric strategy has helped us immensely and we have received an overwhelming response to Moto Hubs across the country". There was little to suggest the Moto Z3 wouldn't launch, but the Moto Mods lineup in general seemed to be in danger based on comments from the maker the keyboard Moto Mod. This is not all, another report by the publication adds that the company has announced that it will can the unannounced Moto X5 in addition to scaling back its Moto Mod program to focus on the most popular mods which sell well in the market. What the answer is I have no idea but it would not surprise me to see them disappear in a year or two.

It doesn't have a remote, so we can't really say this is Motorola's answer to the Google Daydream View. Hopefully this refocusing can turn things around for Motorola.