Microsoft To Bring AMD FreeSync And FreeSync 2 To Xbox Consoles


The impending Xbox spring update brings 1440p support as it is and with this addition, the consoles will be able to sync refresh rates with displays that are compatible with AMD's FreeSync technology.

Microsoft has been supporting Xbox One by introducing new features and now Microsoft has revealed another feature coming to Xbox One X and Xbox One S and that is FreeSync Display support.

This is good news for players because the future Xbox One X and Xbox One S updates will allow the monitors' refresh rates to display a very smooth image, without tearing, for example.

We PC fans tend to think of FreeSync in association with high-refresh-rate gaming displays, but the technology arguably offers the greatest benefit at low frame rates.

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The ability to share Xbox One screenshots and game clips to Twitter, complete with hashtag content. It was also announced last week that Mixer streamers would be allowed to share their controller with viewers with the Spring update.

Microsoft dropped some big news during the season premiere of its "Xbox Inside" show, which it streamed online over the weekend. I am excited to try it out. When enabled, this will send a signal to a compatible TV that a game is being played and to turn on its Game Mode, which many TVs have in order to reduce latency.

Later in 2018 Microsoft will also be releasing a feature for an auto low latency mode for Xbox One.

Microsoft seems to be ramping up production and supplying gamers with the results they have been desperately asking for, yet they still lack on first-party software. Are they trying to extend time, or are these features worthwhile?