Kudlow has 'very good chance' of replacing Cohn, Trump says


Economic analyst and conservative commentator Larry Kudlow is the leading contender to replace Gary Cohn atop the National Economic Council, a source familiar with President Donald Trump's thinking tells The Daily Caller.

Liddell is now the White House's director of strategic initiatives and is said to be a key ally of Jared Kushner in an administration rife with internal feuds.

Since joining the administration in early 2017, Liddell has worked closely with Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law and senior adviser, on efforts to streamline and update some government functions. Cordish said last month he was also leaving the White House.

The White House assistant and director of strategic initiatives is tipped to become Trump's top economic adviser. Cohn's decision came after Trump chose to put tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.

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"Canada is exempt. Mexico is exempt. We agree on most", Trump said. I think those days are over, personally. Also reported to be on the list is Peter Navarro, Trump's top trade adviser.

Trump then led a round of applause for the former Goldman Sachs executive, who was seated behind him.

However, a firm decision has not been made Christopher P. Liddell, worked as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Microsoft and later for General Motors. The former Goldman Sachs executive - a strong supporter of free trade - said he would leave the administration after Trump committed to imposing steel and aluminum tariffs, despite pushback from USA lawmakers and worldwide officials.