Is Apple already preparing to ditch the most recognisable iPhone X feature?


The other possibility could be that the next year's iPhone will have full screen design with a small hole to support some functions.

More than a third of the respondents said that the iPhone X, which starts at $999, is too expensive.

However, there aren't any other details available about how Apple will tuck in all the sensors now seen on the iPhone X notch which includes front-facing camera, separate infrared camera to deploy FaceID, microphone, speaker, proximity sensor, dot projector, flood illuminator and ambient light sensor. An industry insider has revealed that the iPhones releasing in 2019 will not feature a notch.

This is big news, but details about how Apple is going to achieve this all-screen look are scarce at the moment. However, ET News claims that Apple will retain its Face ID tech, and speculates that the firm could do this by embedding the aforementioned sensors directly into the OLED display. While many early adopters of the iPhone X just had to get used to it, Apple seems to have plans in the works to possibly remedy this blight.

The actual size and resolution haven't been leaked yet.

Ideas being thrown around include drilling sensor holes in the display, a design Samsung already filed a patent for, and the use of Black Matrix areas within the display.

Is Apple already preparing to ditch the most recognisable iPhone X feature?
Is Apple already preparing to ditch the most recognisable iPhone X feature?

Some users called the notch "bad design" or, as one reviewer called it, 'a visually disgusting element'. On the left side we see the phone with the original battery while the one on the right has a new one.

A number of Android phone manufacturers have adopted the notch.

The phone is nearly entirely bezel-free, except for some very thin borders around the edges of the phone.

The renders suggest edge-to-edge display with iPhone X-like notch on the top of the screen.

"Suppliers are interested in how Apple will be able to place receiver, front-camera, and Face ID feature and implement full-screen at the same time", the report says. As far as this year is concerned, the company is rumored to launch 5.8-inch and 6.46-inch OLED iPhones alongside a budget-friendly 6.04-inch LCD iPhone.

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