Hamilton remarks on awkward interview


As the line of questioning continued, Hamilton appeared frustrated before eventually elaborating on the game itself and giving credit to MI for the way it played. But he deserves some slack for letting his emotions get the best of them, as well as a ton of praise for leading the ninth-seeded Seminoles on a memorable March Madness run.

With 13 seconds remaining, Florida State's PJ Savoy forced a three-pointer but missed and MI grabbed the rebound but the Seminoles decided not to foul, throwing in the towel and letting the clock run out to secure Michigan's trip to the Final Four.

Hamilton's response: "What are you talking about?" Hamilton was dismissive when Jacobson questioned why Florida State did not foul trailing by 4 points with 13 seconds left, at one point turning his back to the reporter as if he was going to walk away.

The wasted possessions and some questionable shots in the first half are what beat FSU, not the decision to not foul at the end of the game.

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When Jacobson asked again why the decision was made not to foul, Hamilton said "the game was over". Hamilton responded rhetorically. "The game was over".

Hamilton told Jacobson the question didn't make sense and the game was over, then almost walked away from the interview before stepping back toward the microphone.

Hamilton could have handled the moment a lot better; Jacobson, on the other hand, could not have handled it any better than she has.

Hamilton said he was "impacted by" the "intense rush of emotions in our locker room after the game".