Google Will Ban Online Ads for Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings


According to her, this new technology has been critical in helping to scale enforcement for policies that prohibit monetization of inappropriate and controversial content. Put another way, Google took down more than 100 bad ads per second previous year. Last year, Google generated $95.4 billion in ad revenue, up 20 percent from 2016.

Google took down more than 3.2bn "bad ads" previous year in an effort to prevent its huge advertising network from being used for nefarious purposes, up from the 1.7bn it removed in 2016.

Last year, for instance, Google pulled 79 million ads for luring online clickers to websites with malware.

Google, the largest provider of digital advertising on the internet, announced, on Tuesday, that the firm plans to alter its advertising policy for certain financial services, including bitcoin.

Google ensures the integrity of their ads ecosystem, and ensuring that people who interact with their ads have a safe and positive experience is something they remain committed to.

Alphabet's Google said on Wednesday it will ban advertisements for cryptocurrencies and related content starting in June.

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Blacklisted 700,000 mobile apps for violating ad policies.

Stansfield revealed that many website owners used the firm's advertising platforms, like AdSense, to run Google ads on their sites and content and make money.She said Google paid $12.6 billion back to the publishing partners in its ad network past year.

Google's updated policy for crypto and ICO ads has been announced by the company along with its "trust and safety" ads report which is comprised of a review of malicious and deceptive ads of online scammers from its search engine, third-party websites and its video network.

The most popular cryptocurrencies largely remained unfazed by the news.

Bad ad practices that Google worked to stop include phishing scams to fool you into revealing personal information like passwords and account numbers, links to sites that try to trick you into installing malware, ads placed along news stories copied from legitimate news sites and violations of some Google ad privacy requirements.