Google Home can now set location-based reminders on your phone


I've been pretty pumped about this, home assistants are at their worst when you get home and have to rattle off two or three different commands to get your stuff turned on. Building on the voice-managed reminders that were launched back in September 2017, the new location-based reminders factor in your physical position, taking advantage of the fact that the Assistant travels with you courtesy of your phone. Now, you can set location-based reminders using your Google Home speakers, according to a Tweet by Google.

Location-based reminders work with both Android and iOS devices. All you have to do is tell Google Assistant that you want to be reminded of something when you are at a certain location. For example, "Hey Google, remind me to get chewing gum when I'm at the petrol station". Because this is location-based, you won't be notified on Google Home. The Google Assistant has supported geofencing triggers for reminders before, but you've needed to set them up on your smartphone itself. Why is this significant amidst the constant stream of updates to "smart" speaker offerings we hear you ask?

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These routines will also change depending on who's talking to the Google Home, so if you have loaded your profile it will give calendar alerts specific to your account. Needless to say, you will need to have location services enabled on your smartphone for the notification to trigger. This allows for one phrase that controls multiple actions.

That's all likely to improve as time goes on, and as the Assistant learns to differentiate more accurately.