Google Assistant Get's Is Most Significant Update Till Date


Google the tech giant is rolling out new features for its AI assistant which is said to give users more control over the connected devices.

Amazon's Alexa may have more "skills" and connect with more services, but when it comes to artificial intelligence smarts, Google Assistant has the competition beat (sorry Siri, it isn't even close).

Let's have a look at what Google has in store for the users related to its AI assistant.

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Like other audio content on an Android phone, actions using the media response API can be controlled from a phone's lock screen or notifications area.

Assistant will now also be able to show you information in a carousel like view within the Assistant panel. The company calls this addition Custom Device Actions. Third-party developers create conversation-based actions on the Assistant, which means new Actions on Google will result in new Assistant features for users as well.

In a blog post, Group Product Manager, Brad Abrams & Product Manager Chris Ramsdale outlined new features coming to Assistant which includes Subscriptions, better Media Playback controls and the ability for OEMs to add custom commands to their devices. Once the update is official a user will be able to record and send a 30 sec video message if and when the recipient is not picking up the call or declines the call for some odd reason. There aren't many examples of hardware with built-in Assistant yet, but developers will be able to include custom commands in them going forward. While on its own the Google Assistant isn't there just yet, with some creative makers and developers, it's well on its way. Voice commands can be used to pause or replay media, and a media player will appear on your phone. For example, you can tell Assistant you want a daily update on cryptocurrency prices from CoinBase. You wouldn't have to say "Talk to X" before issuing a complex custom command. Now you can say a more specific command such as "Ok Google, set the oven to convection and preheat to 350-degrees". But before you get around to saying that, you'd have to also tell the assistant, "Talk to Todoist". End users will see things change gradually as updates roll out. Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter.