Galaxy S9+ is very hard to fix, teardown report


According to Samsung's official Turkish website, the Galaxy Note 8 will receive the official Android 8.0 Oreo update starting with the 30th of March. However, Samsung has already pushed out the first update to it's flagship smartphones. Everybody knows that the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus were launched in 2017. That's two days before the Korean OEM's Turkish branch expects to be able to deliver the UI enhancements and revisions, possibly signaling a wide-scale global rollout in a much smaller window than the Galaxy S8 duo.

Samsung doesn't need to revolutionize the smartphone industry in 2018 - it needs to iterate on all the hard work it did with the Galaxy S8 line previous year.

"Considering that the Galaxy S9 phones are the first models that are not officially supported by government subsidies, consumers are likely to watch price trends and the market atmosphere for a while", said an official at a mobile carrier.

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Reports from Korea suggest that Samsung aims to ship 43 million units of its S9 and S9 Plus devices.

A few weeks ago, at MWC 2018, DJ Koh seemed to be very enthusiastic about the sales of Galaxy S9, stating that the handset would make better sales than its predecessor. As per reports, Samsung had made arrangements with the local suppliers on the basis of this sales goal. This is around two million more than the 41 million S8 handsets it reportedly sold past year. "The yield rate of the new flagship phones were taken into consideration". That's not surprising as the company does sell Android-powered smartphones through its stores.

It is actually not just Samsung but the whole business smartphone is expected to decline in the current year and all the best players are perhaps going to be affected.