Fortnite Blitz Launches On PS4 And Here's How To Play


From the looks of it, game developer Epic Games made a superb move by bringing its ultra-popular Fortnite battle royale phenomenon to mobile devices.

The mobile version of Fortnite uses special indicators to help alert you to important in-game sounds even if you're not wearing headphones. But even that game hasn't hit the top 10 for downloads in markets like Canada, where it launched early.

In order to be accepted for this position, you must have a strong internet connecting and play on a gaming PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One. Fortnite is in an invite-only period on mobile, so people can not just download it and start playing. Everyone who gets in will also get some friend invites, so they can share with their buddies and grow the mobile player base a bit slower than just us opening up the gates. That means it'll see the same updates, too. You have to make momentary aiming pauses to fire a weapon, and I ended up resorting to strafing more than aiming in the heat of a firefight. The pros will stick with their PCs, of course, but this version is purely about opening Fortnite up to as many players as possible - and only a fool would bet against it succeeding. This is to make it easier to play without the need for headphones so player movement will be marked by a white arc, gunfire by red and any nearby chests will be highlighted indicators.

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As seen above, the basic controls include a virtual analogue stick on the left-hand side of the screen for walking and strafing. Items are automatically added to your inventory when you run over them, including guns. On-screen buttons does take some getting used to and the jumpstick is an option as well.

It's not every single iOS device that can play Fortnite. The same game on all platforms, with console-quality graphics and action, where players can play when they want and where they want. You have to relearn an entirely new way of playing on a touchscreen.