Fitbit Launches Fitness Tracker for Kids


Now the company is back with a new smartwatch with a "more approachable" price tag and a brand new activity tracker for kids.

Fitbit also revealed Tuesday its first fitness tracker for kids, the Fitbit Ace.

All women who already use the Fitbit app will have access to these new health-tracking features, so you don't need to buy a Versa. Fitbit promises at least 4 days of battery life for what it says is "the lightest metal smartwatch in the USA market".

In addition to 24/7 heart rate tracking and in-depth sleep monitoring, the "modern" and relatively stylish Fitbit Versa also supports menstrual cycle supervision, confirming its status as the company's most female-friendly product yet. Maybe its best feature is its four-day battery life, which is huge. While you can install period-tracking apps on the Apple Watch, there is no app that combines and analyzes all the information women need to understand their overall health. The Versa doesn't allow you to download songs from Apple Music or Spotify, but it does have enough internal storage to store mp3 files (so you can upload songs directly from an iTunes library, for example, and save them to the smartwatch). Fitbit has announced its latest $200 smartwatch that closely resembles the Apple Watch in both, features and the external design of the device. This is probably going to be turn off for serious athletes, but Fitbit is branding this for the masses. A huge range of after-purchase accessories is available as well, offering tons of ways to customize the look of the watch, with those ranging in price from $22.95 to $99.95. It's fully compatible with all of the apps designed for its more expensive predecessor, the Fitbit Ionic, which debuted just five months ago.

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The Fitbit Ace is designed for children aged eight years old and older and will run a revised version of the software present in its devices for adults, meaning young users will not see calorie count. But we won't know how well the software has improved, or be able to test any of Fitbit's other claims, until the Versa launches in April.

The Fitbit Verse is described as the "rounded square" smartwatch with a touchscreen display. the material used in the frame is anodized aluminum and comes in three color options - rose gold, black, and charcoal, which is more of a gray color.

The Ace is similar to the Fitbit Alta and tracks sleep, steps, and physical activity. You can get call, text and calendar notifications, though you aren't able to get Facebook, Twitter, email or basically anything else. Through the Fitbit app parents can check their child's activity, progress on activity goals and even approve friend requests from family members - that way the whole family can stay in healthy competition.

Rates of obesity among children and teenagers have soared 10-fold around the world in the past four decades, a global study found previous year.