CCTV footage shows moment man was shot inside courtroom


The news outlets that pursued release of the video include The Salt Lake Tribune, print and broadcast outlets from Salt Lake City, the Utah Headliners Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and The Associated Press.

The footage from 2014 shows defendant Siale Angilau get out of his chair and run toward a gang member witness who was testifying against him. He dismissed Angilau's family's lawsuit which claimed excessive force was used in the incident.

"Angilau was in custody, but he essentially had escaped custodial control for those seconds during which he was executing his plan to assault the witness", the judge added. "His attack was stopped by the shots that Jane Doe rapidly fired, in less than one and one-half seconds".

"Angilau intentionally fled the defense table to attack the witness with a pen, and his actions placed the witness, as well as other innocent bystanders just feet away, in harm's way", Dowdell wrote in his ruling. Angilau lunges headfirst over the witness stand with his arm raised, ready to strike, and narrowly misses Tenifa, who swivels around the back of the witness stand.

Siale Angilau, 25, is seen charging towards the stand inside a Utah federal courthouse before a United States marshal fires four rounds at close range.

"Drop the pen out of your hand", an officer yells at Angliau, who can't be seen behind the witness stand. At that point, the video cuts out.

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Magistrate Judge Paul Cleary ordered the release of a pixelated version of the video obscuring faces of law enforcement officers and others in November, but the Department of Justice objected.

An FBI investigation later found the shooting was legally justified.

Angilau family's attorney Robert Sykes argued that the witness was already out of danger by the time shots were fired. "There was no necessity to use force", he told KSL. In this photo, a view from behind the witness stand looking towards the gallery in Courtroom #8 which will be full of prospective jury candidates, one day before jury selection begins for the Michael Jackson child molestation trial at the Superior Court of California courthouse in Santa Maria, California, Jan 30, 2005.

While Angilau's family decides if they will appeal the decision, their attorney is happy the public will at least see the video.

As US District Judge Tena Campbell was escorted out of the courtroom, someone called 911 at the end of the released video.

However, Judge Dowdell said that the marshal - referred to as Jane Doe - stopped the attack.