Catch a Louisiana high school senior on American Idol


Katy Perry floored an American Idol contestant on Sunday night (11Mar18) when she planted a kiss on his lips.

ABC's "American Idol" premiere drew plenty of eyeballs Sunday, even as Fox - where "Idol" used to air - ran programming that was seen by many observers as a direct attempt to dampen enthusiasm for ABC's reboot.

It was still a plus for ABC. The most successful singing competition show may be on a new network and have a new panel of judges, but it still feels like the same Idol that us diehard fans love so much.

ABC says the Deception premiere was its best scripted bow in the time period since the beginning of Quantico in September of 2015. Lionel was excited to watch Alyssa's journey on the show, and she got three enthusiastic yeses. "We're not really sure where you fit in the mainstream.' And, I guess my response to that is, I really never have fit in the mainstream, it's really not where I plan to go with my music".

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"It all started when I was about 7 years old".

Perry, Richie and Bryan just stared at 26-year-old Koby, who bragged about her musical theater abilities and then had an atrocious audition. Katy seemed smitten with Trevor as soon as he walked into the room, but she completely melted while he performed in front of the judges and of course, he got a golden ticket to Hollywood. "I wanted her to see the good in it and hopefully she can pick up some of that too, along the way". I can understand why any of the singers I mentioned above would be someone's favorite because I'm looking forward to seeing what they do next as well.

"One day I got home from school and my mom said she wanted to talk to me about something, so I went over there and talked to her and she said "I think you should try out for American Idol". and i said mom". Did Alyssa's attractive voice stand out to you? Luke admitted her voice was "easy on the ears", and then Katy boldly added, "You're Top 10". Hit us up onTwitter,Facebook, orInstagram - or leave your comments below.