Cambridge Analytica-Congress links: BJP seeks Rahul Gandhi's apology over whistleblower's claims


Whistleblower Wylie said, "I believe their Cambridge Analytica client was Congress".

"Whilst we are flattered that we are seemingly being connected with every global incident that occurs, we will state that Chris Wylie's testimony is a flagrant lie", the agency said. In response, Wylie that the CA had an India office and that they had worked "extensively" here.

"This is not about leave or remain".

CA also has an office in the country, Wylie said, adding that India is a "country rife with political discord" with "opportunities for destabilisation" and also the biggest market in the world for Facebook. Wylie insisted, that despite his "pink hair and nose ring" he was one of the "rare breeds of progressive Eurosceptics". "Cambridge Analytica would have a database and AIQ would access that database, otherwise the software wouldn't work".

He also described as "categorically untrue" claims that Cambridge Analytica had never used Facebook data, using the app, which had been the "foundational data set of the company". "He was not, as he claims, a founder of Cambridge Analytica", the firm, said in a statement.

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Wylie made the comment while he faced questions from the British Parliament's Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee who are investigating how Facebook user data got into the hands of the political consultants Cambridge Analytica.

"I think it is completely reasonable to say that there could've been a different outcome in the [EU referendum] had there not been, in my view, cheating". If someone was caught doping in the Olympics one lost one's medal either way.

Cambridge Analytica is accused of harvesting more than 50 million user profiles on Facebook with the help of academic researcher Aleksandr Kogan, without any consent from users, allegedly playing a role in the 2016 United States presidential election, seeing Donald Trump through victory.

More details emerged on Tuesday of links between the British government and Cambridge Analytica as a former employee confirmed that the parent company of the data firm had conducted "research on Middle Eastern countries" for the Ministry of Defence. He repeated allegations that Aggregate IQ (AIQ), the data company used by Vote Leave, was linked to Cambridge Analytica and helped to influence the European Union referendum. Under UK law BeLeave and Vote Leave should not have been combining campaigns or sharing finances. Bindmans, a law firm, said there was sufficient evidence to suggest a criminal offence could have been committed by the campaign. During his testimony, Wylie alleged that senior figures in Vote Leave had used BeLeave to "launder" money.