Amazon's Alexa users rattled by its unprompted creepy laugh


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With Follow-Up Mode, the digital assistant listens for five seconds after she's finished responding. If you have anything else to ask her, you can just ask it without needing to say her name first. The feature should be available to the entire Echo lineup and some third-party Alexa devices; however, it's only available for US English and won't activate while you're listening to music, streaming an audiobook, or making a call.

While this is a step in the right direction, it does not mean that Alexa will be able to answer multiple queries at once. Immediately following the AI's response, the user can say, "set the thermostat to 24", and Alexa will confirm the second command.

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Reports from around the world say that Alexa-powered smart speakers are spontaneously letting out evil laughs. Being the noble and loyal house companion that she is, Alexa complied and sent out the creepy burst of laughter that's freaked out so many Echo and Alexa-enabled devices.

Amazon is planning to resolve this by disabling that phrase and replacing it with "Alexa, can you laugh?" Amazon also notes that you can stop the listening sooner by saying "stop" or "thank you". Hopefully, Apple will announce a similar feature for HomePod, even if it's delayed.