Woman climbs into X-ray machine with handbag at China train station


While travelling, many of us are extra vigilant about our luggage and belongings, especially when we are carrying something valuable or close to us.

According to photos obtained by AsiaWire, this woman CLIMBED INTO THE MACHINE because she thought those crafty security employees were going to steal her bag.

A video shows the woman emerging from the machine and climbing off the belt.

When she is not allowed to carry her handbag with herself, the woman puts it in the scanner and crouches inside the machine.

It's unclear though why she did such a thing - possibly she had a lot of cash that's traditionally given as a gift for Chinese New Year.

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A video showing the woman's silhouette as she passed through the X-ray machine at a railway station Sunday has gone viral on the Chinese internet.

The CCTV footage shows that she placed her purse on the conveyor belt before she climbed on it herself.

However, when the security staff told her that her handbag would also have to be checked, she climbed up the airport-style luggage scanner machine. The video depicted a sequence of orange tinted X-ray images of the woman passenger, as she passed through the scanner, with her skeleton which was visible to rest of the world.

The staff at the Dongguan train station has advised passengers against getting into the X-ray machines because of the harmful radiation emitted by them, according to a Mirror Online report, as quoted in NDTV.