Winning TD for Eagles extra clear-cut than Dez Bryant 'non-catch'


The Philadelphia Eagles got two favorable reviews on their way to their first Super Bowl title, and as Zach Ertz noted, their fans would have been sick if the latter had been overturned.

The question that many New England Patriot fans will be asking is, was ruling Ertz's score that gave the Eagles the win a legitimate touchdown and ultimately the right call?

While it still seems as if Bryant and the Cowboys were undone by a shoddy National Football League rule, the play wasn't as clear-cut as Ertz's touchdown Sunday night.

Ertz' TD catch finished off a lengthy drive after the Patriots took the lead for the first time, 33-32.

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It essentially boils down to: Is Ertz considered a receiver who must complete the catch? It was somewhat similar to a touchdown by Steelers tight end Jesse James against the Patriots in the regular season that was overturned and ruled incomplete for not "surviving the ground". After taking three steps and diving into the end zone, the ball popped out of Ertz's hands. Once the ball broke the plane of the goal line, it was a touchdown and the play ended. Ertz, once again showing his knack for finding just enough open space, squeezed between safety Duron Harmon and linebacker Marquis Flowers for a 2-yard completion to keep the Eagles' chances alive.

After the review, the officials confirmed that Ertz was a runner on the play.

It may have been a play that changed the game and it may have been the play that gave the Eagles the lead, but ultimately the call was correct and it was a clear touchdown.