USA official warns of growing threat from North Korea


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's diplomatic gesture toward rival, US -backed South Korea has seen some breakthroughs leading up to the Winter Olympic Games-but it has failed to win over the White House, which has demanded North Korea first agree to stop testing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. In response, North Korea released a statement that the United States was preparing a pre-emptive strike on the Korean peninsula that would target Pyongyang.

US President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May have asked all responsible nations to increase pressure on North Korea until it turns to the path of denuclearisation.

Robert Wood who serves as the American ambassador for disarmament said that the repressive regime in Pyongyang is relentless in its pursuit for nuclear weapons through its missile program which has represented a significant threat to the USA and her allies in the region that has been historically unstable. Mr.

This statement by Mr.

"Russia, China and North Korea are growing their stockpiles, increasing the prominence of nuclear weapons in their security strategies, and, in some cases, pursuing the development of new nuclear capabilities to threaten other peaceful nations", he said, according to Reuters.

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However, Robert Wood said that the U.S. did not have any new information that it could share with the press when asked the basis on which Washington has concluded that Kim's nuclear weapons program may be months away from having the capacity to strike the continental United States.

Pyongyang is under tightening economic embargo that has been imposed courtesy of the United States government and the UN General Assembly.

Ju said the taking issue with Pyongyang's nuclear threat to justify the so-called "bloody nose" strike which refers to a limited preemptive strike.

"Today he lives in Seoul, where he rescues other defectors and broadcasts into North Korea what the regime fears the most - the truth", Trump said of Ji during the address. The UN General Assembly also passed a resolution to impose economic sanctions in a bid to achieving a fully denuclearized Korean peninsula which has been under high tensions since the end of the Korea War which ended in an armistice in 1953. It also presented the first case since 1945 in which the United States had not definitively defeated the enemy and hence not dictated the terms surrender.