Update turns The Evil Within 2 into a first-person horror game


The Evil Within 2 has received a free update today adding a new first-person view for the Tango Gameworks-developed horror sequel.

I really enjoyed my first run through of The Evil Within 2's throwback to traditional survival horror, but I now fancy giving it a bash through the eyes of protagonist Sebastian Castellanos. Are you excited to play The Evil Within 2 in first person?

If you've never tried The Evil Within 2, you can do so right now thanks to the very useful free trial available across all platforms, including PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Although the game was indeed designed for third-person gameplay, the developers had "experimented a bit with first-person".

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Producer Shinsaku Ohara shared his thoughts about the process and challenges of bringing a first-person perspective to a third-person game. Once you have the latest patch installed, simply toggle first-person mode on in the options menu. The update comes with the following and you can see the new mode in action below. If you've never played the game before, it'll be just like playing a new one, which is pretty cool.

When The Evil Within 2 launched in October, some fans found that a first-person mode restricted to a certain part of the game's story could be extended to other areas of the game as well.