TMC upset with SP, AAP over Rajya Sabha disruptions


During a session in the Upper House, Mr Naidu asked Janata Dal-United (JDU) member Harvansh Narayan Singh to not address him as "His Excellency" as it made him feel embarrassed "I often find it embarrassing when the members and even others call the Vice President His Excellency... there is no need to use such phrases in future", Naidu said. The lawmakers, he said, could meet Chairman Naidu in his chamber with their issues but no discussion will be allowed on the floor of the House. However, he told Trinamool Congress members that they can not take the name of Governor inside the House.

"I realise some members have perhaps not properly understood my concern and anguish over the functioning of the House. That too, when it becomes evident that some sections of the House were bent on not allowing smooth conduct of the House", he said.

Elaborating on the pattern of disruptions, Naidu said he has admitted a total of 42 zero hour admissions during the last three working days and observed that of these, only one member could make a submission.

"My intention in doing so is to promote a sense of collective responsibility in minimising or doing away with such forced frequent disruptions".

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"In this backdrop, I thought it would be better to adjourn the House for a longer period instead of resorting to frequent adjournments. Which is why we wanted to raise this issue since morning and which is why we have boycotted the House for the whole day", Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad told reporters. "I would like to advise the Parliamentary Affairs Minister to see that Ministers who are supposed to lay papers on the Table of the House are in the House on time", Mr Naidu had said, adding if some Ministers have other engagements, they should not list papers against their names.

The Chairman did not agree with him saying there is no " your point of order". "You can not do this", O Brien replied and went on to raise the issue of stoppage of railway routes in West Bengal, which he said is affecting the common people.

He asserted that Parliament works according to "rules, regulations, procedures and conventions" and not "according to one's whims".