The Google+ app is getting a "brand new version" on Android


Google+ was supposed to be the social media platform that was going to save us all, while it's still used by a few hardcore fans it's mostly fallen by the wayside.

When Google+, the search giant's most recent attempt at a social network, was first released into the wild, it was controversial at best. From our vantage, it seems to be making a difference, and now Google is investing even more development into the platform.

A "brand new version" of the Android Google+ app will launch in the coming days, Google+ engineering manager Leo Deegan teased in a post on the waning social network.

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But the net result looks similar to what the Pixel 2 can do, allowing users to insert polygonal chickens, robots, and dinosaurs into scenes (sadly, the branded experiences from the Pixel 2 aren't available).

Until we get a chance to play with this new version ourselves, we won't know exactly what to expect, but it sounds like Google has put a lot of time into modernizing how the app works at a fundamental level.

However, Deegan says, since this is a rewrite and engineers are still ironing out different bugs, users may encounter a number of "known issues", such as when leaving a comment on a post causes a full refresh of the post to include your comment. Separate from any benefits to smoothness, the "complete rewrites" present in the new app should also come in handy for Google when adding additional features in the future. He said that the app will now incorporate a few subtle updates such as improvement in stream rendering and scrolling, redesign of the photo lightbox, slide up of comment options from a bottom sheet, viewable grey-spammed comments by post authors.