The 8 Super Bowl Commercials Everyone Is Talking About This Year


In an emotional commercial that opens with fans streaming into what they think is part of the Super Bowl Experience driven by Genesis, they enter what appears to be a typical security checkpoint with metal detectors.

Some 45% of 2017 sponsors did not return in 2018, an attrition rate that matched that seen in the previous ten Super Bowls.

Vehicle companies in particular are renowned for over-the-top Super Bowl commercials, often featuring movie stars and celebrities, and nearly always with a sting in the tail.

Bond's take on the commercial doesn't appear to be in line with the majority; on the Ram Trucks YouTube page, the ad now has approximately 4k likes to 11k dislikes, suggesting that more people are critical of the advertisement than find it heartwarming. If you're one of those who appreciates the art of the advertisement, why not catch up on all the best ones below.

The NFL surprisingly created one of the funniest ads.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere said the company wanted this year's Super Bowl ad to reflect the company's belief that "we all started in the same place" and are "more alike than different".

According to YouTube, more than 80 brands uploaded content to its AdBlitz site this year, with the Super Bowl-focused site getting more traffic than ever before.

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I wish it was a Tide ad, though ... then my shirt would be clean.

After a politically-tumultuous year for the National Football League, it was clear that this year advertisers made sure not to make any overtly-political statements in their ads (unlike the last couple years).

Overall this year had a very good crop of commercials. Morgan Freeman lip-syncing Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes's voice coming out of Peter Dinklage are pure genius.

Another great example is Jeep's barebones commercial showing one of their cars driving across a stream and up a rock formation. We want this dude from Stranger Things who's a little whacky.' I'm not the nicest dude on that show, but I've got a big heart. Wow, I am the best at making transitions.

From heartwarming appeals to goofy stunts, advertisers brought their A-games in an attempt to keep everyone glued to their screens during commercial breaks.

"Because they can say, 'Okay, we don't have to get everyone to like us, but maybe we'll take a stand, and that will get attention, and maybe even if we don't unite the country, we'll find our demographic".