Subzero wind chills did little to deter Super Bowl fans


To watch Super Bowl LII live on your desktop, phone or laptop, simply head to the 7Plus website.

In the age of YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, why are marketers still willing to throw down millions of dollars for a 30-second Super Bowl ad? Additionally, the company runs a Super Bowl commercial for Amazon Prime.

Super Bowl volunteers, who stood outside for hours at a time cheerfully directing visitors and natives around the street closures and toward the stadium, said the cold was less biting in the NFL-provided garb they wore. Amazon has patented that method and a Redditor has confirmed this according to Bloomberg a year ago.

A Metro Transit spokesman says 17 people were taken away after they blocked a light-rail line carrying Super Bowl ticketholders to the stadium. Amazon calls the technique acoustic fingerprinting technology.

The Super Bowl is categorised by the Department of Homeland Security as a level one special event, meaning it has the highest threat to public safety.

Meanwhile, Super Bowl workers are looking forward to Monday.

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"I've seen a few people that look like they could use a lot more layers", said Joe Johnson. The Eagles now leads the Patriots 22-12 in a game that has featured a number of trick plays and...missed kicks.

Who will play in the 2019 Super Bowl?

The goal is to capture the attention of the more than 110 million viewers expected to tune in to the big game on February 4 - ideally by striking an emotional chord with the game audience that will rub off on brands.

Years of preparation came down to one game.

Some of the dancers did not know until recently just how flat the Winter Magic halftime show had fallen with viewers, but they said they would do it all over again.

The National Football League season was plunged into acrimony in September, when Trump disparaged as "sons of bitches" the mostly African-American players kneeling during the anthem in a protest at social injustice.

NBC claims that no commercial time nor game time was missed.