Sophia, the humanoid robot, is a fan of this Bollywood actor


Shah Rukh Khan, who is now working on the upcoming film Zero, looked dapper as he attended an event in Mumbai on February 20, 2018. She said she would like to make use of her citizenship by working for women's rights. Sophia, the world's first ever artificial intelligence-powered humanoid, recently confessed that her favourite actor was none other than SRK. Asked if she as a robot also needs rest like humans do, she said, "Yes". "In the next five years, content is going to be created by lots of people and not just the dozens of content creation", he said. All humans have a great sense of humour and guess my joke so to speak. She also said that if she is stranded alone on an island, she would want to be with her creator David Hanson. "I am just two years old".

When asked whether creative people should have thick skin in times when creativity is in danger, the actor said dissent is a part of the process, but creative people are more emotional and they tend to become "a little wary".

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The robot has won millions of hearts by showing her love for King Khan, who is arguably the most well-known Indian actor across the globe. Sophia made the interesting revelation at an interactive session in Hyderabad, India on Tuesday, February 20. She interacted with journalist Rajiv Makhani and answered scripted and unscripted answers. During the interaction, she also opened up about the ideal destination for a date, her wish to live in Hong Kong and how machines do not mean any harm to humanity, Press Trust of India reported. It's not something that I've gotten scared of. I hope to have real physiological feelings someday through which I will express my emotions. She also said she thinks "humans are unbelievable creatures". "They will be friends".

The humanoid robot is the brainchild of David Hanson, an American scientist at Hanson Robotics of Hong Kong. One of the audience members asked: "You wanted to kill human race, you said so once".