Senate GOP, Dem leaders say it's time for immigration deal


But in my view, going for a streamlined compromise on DACA offers the greatest hope of getting something over the finish line that has vexed leaders in both parties for years. Trump delayed the program's end until March 5, charging Congress with putting together a legislative proposal on the issue by that deadline.

The Senate began a major immigration debate, its first in almost five years, on Monday evening. That 60 vote threshhold will be hard to reach, which means Majority Leader McConnell is likely to offer the proposals as amendments. McSally's version would not only authorize Trump's proposed wall along the southern border - an ineffective, multibillion-dollar monument to xenophobia - it would curtail legal immigration and immediately deport unaccompanied Central American minors seeking asylum. This includes an imminent US$25 billion to build a border wall along the southern border, which funds fencing and other technology, along with more border patrol agents.

Democrats clearly have some support from Republicans for extending DACA protections and adding more money for border security. Sen.

"Nailing down the president has been next to impossible", said Durbin, a lead Democratic broker on immigration policy.

"Whoever gets to 60 wins", Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, told reporters last week.

FILE - Demonstrators march during an immigration rally in support of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), on Capitol Hill in Washington, Dec. 6, 2017. Some Republicans also want to reshape and restrict legal immigration, which could have a major impact on those aspiring to come to America from around the world.

An estimated 690,000 youths registered under DACA and placed their trust in the US government that they would not be punished for coming out of the shadows.

"Yesterday, the majority leader said that the objective of this week is not to make a point, but to make law", Schumer said Tuesday.

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Schumer said the new budget increases the deficit by about $300 billion.

And House Republican leaders don't have a definitive plan for how to proceed if the Senate passes an immigration bill, a senior House GOP aide told TWS on Monday, but their course of action will depend largely on Trump's response to the Senate's final product. Aides would not say whether Flake's proposal is endorsed by other Republicans or any Democrats. Each body should pass a bill and go to a Conference Committee.

In such a polarized environment, there is a significant chance that the Senate will pass nothing by the end of the week - or that whatever measure the Senate does adopt will be thwarted by the House. Angus King, I-Maine, said last week following a working group meeting. We expect that out any minute, but we haven't seen it yet.

By expanding the promise of citizenship to all DACA-eligible young immigrants - and tying it to immigration cutbacks - Trump has put the Democrats in a corner. Dianne Feinstein in Los Angeles, California, Jan. 3, 2018.

McConnell began Tuesday by begging Democrats to move forward with the amendment process to a shell bill now on the Senate floor.

"We're going to keep fighting in every way we can", Schumer said. John Barrasso of Wyoming said. The key will be fashioning a pacakge that will get 60 Senators to vote for it. "So this is an open, amendable process which you all know, many of you have been around here a lot longer than me, doesn't happen all that often in the U.S. Senate", said Sen. We need to get started.

"Sen. Gardner wants an immigration compromise that cannot only pass the Senate, but can pass the House and be signed into law by the President".