Samsung and Roku smart TVs vulnerable to unsophisticated hacks


"Samsung smart TVs attempt to ensure that only authorized applications can control the television", Goodale said. You can opt out of this, but then the TV reverts to "dumb" status preventing you from using any streaming services.

Millions of smart TVs sitting in family living rooms are vulnerable to hackers taking control - and could be tracking the household's personal viewing habits much more closely than their owners realize, according to a new Consumer Reports investigation. A "relatively unsophisticated" hacker could change channels, play offensive content, or raise the TV's volume without the owner's awareness.

Consumer Reports analyzed SMART TVs from the five biggest brands-Samsung, LG, Sony, TCL, and Vizio. Consumer Reports was able to demonstrate how a hacker could potentially take over your TV. TCL referred to Roku's response.

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Consumer Reports dropped a bombshell with news they found major security flaws with some of the most popular smart TVs sold. It found all of them can track what you watch.

The consumer organization says it was able to break into a TCL/Roku set using a remote-use feature that Roku developed. If customers prefer, they can, turn off this feature by going to Settings System Advanced System Settings External Control Disabled. And we reached out to Samsung, and they provided us their statement: "Protecting consumer data is one of our top priorities". Our Smart TVs include a number of features that combine data security with the best possible user experience.

The consumer group offered a variety of ways to keep information from being collected, but cautioned that a lot of what makes smart TVs valuable to users requires some form of data collection. "To ensure the security of any device, we continue to evaluate the feedback we receive on all of our connected products".