Red Dead Redemption 2 to Have PUBG-Like Battle Royale Mode


The leak comes via Trusted Reviews who received information back in August. For instance, according to a recent leak, it appears the game will include some wonderful features, including a first person mode and a battle royale mode in the same vein as PUBG and Fortnite. According to the leaked information, "Two characters featured in the document, including main protagonist Arthur Morgan, were corroborated by official screenshots released by Rockstar".

The notes reveal that Red Dead Redemption 2's online multiplayer will feature a Battle Royale mode along with two other modes called "Revive and Survive and 'Money Grab".

The memo is chock full of all sorts of claims about the game, including information about the story, its characters, and gameplay features, including the fact that players will be able to experience both the campaign and multiplayer in first person perspective.

According to leaks received by Trusted Reviews, it looks like Red Dead Redemption 2 could be the latest game to offer a take on the Battle Royale game mode that's seeing massive popularity around the world. Trusted Reviews only chose to come forward with the information since a lot of it started to come true, as Rockstar Games revealed more and more about the game.

As for the other two, "Revive and Survive" will apparently work like Team Deathmatch, but players are given limited opportunities to revive teammates before they get killed for good. "You're expected to collect and return them to your base as quickly as possible", the report continues.

Beyond that, the site says, the online mode will follow the template set by GTA Online - though it'll feature a lot more in the way of interaction with NPCs.

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Constant rewards will be awarded for doing various tasks, like covering a certain amount of distance or successfully murdering an enemy from 100 meters.

Vehicles in the game will include handcarts, horse-drawn carriages and minecarts.

One of the things that fans hope would improve for Red Dead Redemption2 is the shooting mechanics of the game. Your actions will affect the story to some degree, plus there will be the usual activities such as crafting, fishing, horse riding, and gambling, with a poker mini-game also being available on the companion app.

This is easily the biggest Red Dead Redemption 2 leak, provided exclusively by Trusted Reviews. what do you think about the Red dead redemption 2 info leak?

Though this leak is incredibly impressive, and does support much of the information already proven true, it is important to talk all non-official information with a grain of salt until the publishers themselves confirm it.