Pelosi Calls Spending Bill 'Good' - But Still Isn't Voting For It


"We have decoupled the issues". Some newer Democratic representatives from safe districts, like Massachusetts Representative Seth Moulton, say outright it is time for someone else to lead. "Do we need a new way forward? So that's an alternative we're going to suggest to him and work with him on".

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell arrives to the Capitol as the Senate continues work on ending the government shutdown in Washington, D.C., on January 22, 2018.

House Democratic leaders opposed the measure - arguing it should resolve the plight of Dreamers - but not with all their might. Pro-immigration advocacy groups were sending similar messages to Democratic offices as well. "We can do something today to at least make whole the children". "That will put pressure on the President and the House to do the same". He will also operate with the White House as a bulwark against any backlash, having made clear he won't bring anything to the House floor without Trump's blessing. If there are 60 votes for a deal, then a deal there will be.

"Forty is a biblical number - you know, 40 years in the desert; 40 days for the Jews; 40 days in the desert for Christ; 40 days of Lent; 40 hours of Christian Catholic faith in the hours of devotion", she said.

House Democrats will likely spend the next 24 hours pushing to get a commitment from House Speaker Paul Ryan on floor consideration of DACA bills.

Delaney, who said Democrats had zero appetite for another government shutdown like the three-day saga last month, said the goal of Pelosi's floor speech was to point out "that Paul Ryan hasn't done the right thing, which is to say that we should have a debate on immigration".

"I think we have to be realistic", said Arizona's Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego.

Pelosi said Wednesday on the House floor that she opposes the spending deal because it doesn't include a permanent solution for undocumented immigrants affected by the expiring Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. "I'm not pleased with the process". "The Senate, when they gave up on not voting for it, at the very minimum extracted a time certain and a debate on something". In a generic ballot test for Congress - which asks respondents simply if they will vote for a Democrat or Republican but doesn't include candidate name - Democrats only hold a 6-point advantage, down from 12 points in December. True to his word, McConnell plans to open the floor to amendments on a blank slate bill next week.

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Republican Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania said he's been urging fellow moderates to use their numbers the way that conservatives on the right flank do. He said he is preparing measures of his own - one comprehensive plan that would attempt to address Trump's "four pillars" in a bipartisan way and another, as a last resort, that would temporarily extend DREAMer protections in exchange for border security.

"You see, these people are being deported", Pelosi said around hour six.

But others have doubts. After passage in the Senate, the deal will move to the House for approval. "We're trying to work with him to help get that done". "I don't agree", Rubio said.

The open process "may not yield anything, and that's unsafe in and of itself", he said.

The Senate's top Republican says there's Senate agreement on a two-year, nearly $400 billion budget deal that would provide Pentagon and domestic programs with huge spending increases.

But Gutierrez doubted that approach - scoffing at the idea that Democrats would be taken seriously if they threatened to withhold their votes yet again without success. "Can you continue to threaten with something?"

Instead, they are banking on Republican claims that they too want, as Ryan put it, to "solve this DACA problem".

Still, many aren't ready to give up hope.