One officer dead, two others shot while serving warrant near Atlanta


Neighbors said they were alarmed when they heard gunshots ring out Friday, only to find out later that an officer had been killed and two other deputies were injured when a suspect opened fire while a warrant was being served.

He said officers had no motivation to accept when they arrived that the suspect would be savage, however it ended up noticeably clear that he wouldn't run with them readily.

Channel 2's Tyisha Fernandes watched on as police officers escorted children home in the Hawthorne at Linden Park subdivision in Locust Grove. He did not specify who shot whom, but the suspect also died and police weren't searching for any shooters. One is in serious condition, according to McBrayer, when a bullet struck him in the stomach about two inches below the vest.

An officer-involved shooting has been reported in Henry County, multiple local news outlets have confirmed with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The officer who is in fair condition was struck in his vest.

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Two of the officers were taken from the scene to a hospital by helicopter, while the third was taken to a hospital by ambulance.

Police blocked off the subdivision and were not letting those who don't live there enter.

Yellow police tape cordoned off a section of one home's front yard.

According to Mayor Robert Price, Chase Maddox, 26, was a five-year veteran of the Locust Grove police department after serving in the National Guard.

"It's startling in light of the fact that you never know who is in your neighborhood".