Olympic figure skater Yura Min overcomes wardrobe malfunction with calm and class


However, even though Yura appeared to be calm, she revealed that on the inside, she was pretty much the opposite. "I promise to sew myself in for the individual event", she says. The skater told The Detroit Free Press that she was "terrified" the entire time.

Ice-cool skater Yura Min didn't let a nightmare wardrobe malfunction ruin her Olympic debut Sunday. But while she didn't look fazed on the ice, the broken clasp still gave the South Korean and United States dual citizen a major scare."I know that if this comes undone, then the whole thing is going to come undone".

"Five seconds into the routine, my hook came undone", Min said.

"Anytime she brought her shoulders in, it came down", he said.

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"I would like to thank the audience for keeping us going until the end". I didn't stop because you get a deduction if you stop in the middle of a program. Stop and fix it?

At one point the top slipped just a little too far, but instead of panicking, Yura just carried on with her well-rehearsed routine. "I only noticed it halfway through". She was especially vulnerable during her twizzles, a synchronized side-by-side move. "It wasn't because we were skating poorly".

The pair ended up placing ninth out of the 10, with an overall score of 51.97 points, but Min received praise on social media for her professionalism and recovery from the sartorial setback.

Min and Gamelin's routine surely suffered because of the issue, unfortunately. They're representing South Korea at these games as part of the host country's "special naturalization" program that has helped boost their numbers for the 2018 Games.