NBC Apologizes For Commentator's Japan Remarks At Olympic Opening Ceremony


US television network NBC Sports has apologized for broadcasting insensitive remarks relating to South Korea during the PyeongChang Winter Games' opening, according to Olympic officials Sunday.

However, the immediate backlash proved Ramo wrong - most Koreans did not believe that Japan was an "example" of any kind - and a petition quickly circulated, demanding that he apologize.

Since making the ignorant and controversial comment, thousands took to various social media platforms to express their discomfort and anger.

"But", Ramo continued, "every Korean will tell you that Japan as a cultural and technological and economic example has been so important to their own transformation".

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"NBC, "sorry that you felt offended" isn't an apology and for Joshua Cooper Ramo, he might as well say German Nazi occupancy during World War II in Europe has been so important to those European countries' own transformations", said a Twitter user. "It was a comment many Koreans found offensive considering the 35-year occupation remains a painful memory".

Some 1,128 people had signed the petition as of Sunday afternoon.

USA broadcaster NBC apologized to South Korea's winter Games organizing committee on Sunday after a commentator offended locals during coverage of the opening ceremony by straying into the sensitive issue of Japan-South Korean relations.

In spite of NBC's public apology that was broadcast live, many in South Korea and overseas said the apology was not enough, and Ramo should issue his own apology. Petitioners said anyone familiar with Japanese treatment of Koreans during that time would be deeply hurt by Ramo's remark.

"We apologized quickly both in writing and on television for a remark made by one of our presenters during Friday night's Opening Ceremony", NBC said in a statement. We look forward to the next two weeks of competition by the athletes, and to showcasing the beauty of Korea, its culture and state-of-the-art technology.