LG to introduce Vision AI with refreshed V30 at MWC 2018


LG spent more than a year researching how AI should be implemented in smartphones, long before announcing LG ThinQ at CES 2018. There are still more rooms for improvements and we're assuming LG is more than ready with the new LG V30 variant or should we say the LG V30S.

The company has confirmed that it will be launching the 2018 version of the V30 flagship with some AI features. New handsets will come bundled with the AI features and LG plans to deliver the features to some already-available LG handsets via over-the-air software updates.

The last major Vision AI trick is a new low light shooting mode that brightens these scenes by "a factor of two".

Aside from the Vision AI, LG is also working on an AI suite that focuses on voice recognition, called Voice AI. Vision AIs image recognition algorithm was developed with the help of over 100 million images analysed by LG and a partner.

Worse than it being unimpressive, though, is that one of the other main features of Vision AI is to automatically determine which shooting mode you want.

With Voice AI LG is extending their existing partnership with Google and the integration of Assistant to LG UX adding nine more exclusive commands to Assistant. The phone measures the brightness of the actual image that will be captured, and it results in the brightness levels being adjusted in a more accurate manner than in a conventional way.

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LG's Vision AI suggests the best mode depending on object.

The camera will also be able to automatically scan QR codes, do an image search, or give you shopping options for whatever you're pointing at, fairly similar to Bixby.

LG says its "allows users to run apps and change settings through voice commands alone" without delving into the menus. The "Voice AI" will make voice commands even better than before.

The New York Times It's no secret that Google is heavily invested in artificial intelligence and its front-facing product Google Assistant. A total of 32 different commands will be capable of performing actions like taking a wide-angle photo or using the AI camera.

What we do know, is that LG's AI will be on board, primarily in the camera.

The AI-powered camera will also offer some Amazon-esque shopping functionality.