Korean intruder ejected from Olympic opening ceremony


Kim Yo Jong arrived in South Korea on Friday with Kim Yong Nam, the North's nominal head of state, for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in the alpine resort town of Pyeongchang.They shook hands with Moon and cheered for athletes from the two countries who marched under a unified peninsula flag for the first time in a decade.

Along with the rest of the North's senior delegation, Kim is to have lunch with South Korean President Moon Jae-in at the presidential Blue House.

The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, the first Games held in South Korea in 30 years, officially opened on Friday with fireworks, song and symbolism featured amid celebrations of light, peace, and harmony.

Moon apparently cited the conditions necessary for an inter-Korean summit.

The South Korean president requested both that North Korea re-open dialogue with the U.S., and that the Koreas hold talks.

While he was in South Korea, Pence opted to ignore the North Koreans but didn't avoid meeting with them, the official said.

Kim Yong Nam and Kim Yo Jong were the first individuals mentioned in its report on the opening ceremony, saying that they took their places on the platform at the event. "We still have the hope to get into the knock-out stage", said Park.

"We are not giving any information on the itinerary of President Moon in advance", a spokesman told AFP.

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Pence only stood for the USA team, according to the Associated Press, though others seated near Pence stood and applauded for the Korean delegation.

Kim Yo Jong has also captured the media's attention.

Many experts say Kim's overture is meant to use improved ties with Seoul as a way to weaken US -led global sanctions toughened after its series of big weapons tests previous year that include its sixth and largest nuclear test explosion and three intercontinental ballistic missile launches.

Some North Korean experts believe tough United Nations sanctions that are cutting off most of the isolated North's sources of revenue have added pressure on Pyongyang to engage further with Seoul.

Los Angeles was initially competing against Paris to host the 2024 Summer Games, but, in a rare move, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced that both cities would host the Olympics four years apart after L.A. embraced the later date.

Washington and Tokyo are concerned that Seoul's conciliatory stance toward Pyongyang could endanger trilateral cooperation on bolstering pressure against North Korea, and could give the country more time to develop nuclear weapons.

Mr Moon has previously said he will need reassurance from the North that it would help resolve the nuclear crisis.