Kenan And Kel Reunited And The 90s Kid In Us Can't Cope


And a craving for orange soda.

Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell finally joined forces after years of fans pining for the two to get together and make us laugh like it's 1995 all over again.

In 2016, the same cast members reunited - minus Kenan but plus Danny Tamberelli - at San Diego Comic-Con for a panel dedicated to the show, where they spilled insider details and set stories.

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If you came home from school and parked yourself in front of the TV, it's very likely that you spent copious amounts of your childhood watching Kenan & Kel on Nickelodeon. The OG teen variety hour, which ran until 2005, was once a huge staple on Teen Nick, spawning shows like Kenan & Kel and The Amanda Show. On their recent reunions, he said, "We get together and it's like no time has passed".

Part of All That's debut cast in 1994, Thompson, Mitchell, Denberg, and Server ended as four of the longest-tenured members.

"All That", a 90's sketch comedy show that aired on Nickelodeon for 10 seasons, has been called the children equivalent of "Saturday Night Live". Kel Mitchell stuck to his Nickelodeon roots, and now acts on Nickelodeon comedy "Game Shakers".