Iranian, Turkish Presidents Discuss Bilateral, Regional Issues


Regarding the ties with the United States, Rouhani said that Tehran and Washington will not have relations unless the U.S. administration changes it policies towards Iran.

- The United States and its European allies should ensure the 2015 nuclear deal is a success before demanding to negotiate on other issues such as Tehran's regional activities or ballistic missile program, Iran's deputy foreign minister said on Thursday, February 8, according to IRNA.

"So, cooperation and exchanging views between Iran and Turkey should continue over regional and worldwide issues to cope with the threats".

Erdogan and Rouhani agreed to hold a summit of the leaders of Turkey, Russia and Iran in Istanbul on the Syrian conflict.

The President of Turkey also congratulated Dr Rouhani and the Iranian people over the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, calling for the development and deepening of Tehran-Ankara relations in all areas of mutual interest.

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Elsewhere in his statements, Erdogan highlighted the commonalities in Iran and Turkey's stances towards many regional and worldwide issues and expressed satisfaction over the current level of cooperation between Iran and Turkey in fight against terrorism.

Putin and Rouhani also reaffirmed their commitment to the implementation of the Iran nuclear treaty, exchanged views on the crisis in Yemen, and discussed ways to solve the Palestinian problem.

He lauded the achievements of Sochi Congress on Syria peace and officially invited his Iranian counterpart to attend the second round of such talks slated to be held in Istanbul.

He also expressed interest of the presidents of some Western countries to participate in the tripartite summit of Iran, Turkey and Russian Federation.