Fortnite Responds To Battle Royale Server Issues


In the most recent Fortnite Battle Royale developer update, Epic Games revealed a bunch of exciting updates it's now working on for the game, including a 60fps option for consoles, changes to daily challenges and a lot more. As of now, only the basic SMG is being removed. The biggest news - SMG is exiting soon.

Battle Royale developer Epic Games revealed that more limited-time mode would be coming to the game.

Officially billed as the State of Development V4, the new blog post by the "Fortnite" team talks about some of the issues they have faced over the past few weeks with the game's sudden spike in growth and acknowledges that many of these problems are "unacceptable" and will take top priority for now.

Unfortunately, the promise to deliver new items for Fortnite fans' enjoyment will also mean that some favorite things will be withdrawn.

"We are in early 2018, yet #Epic Games, "#Fortnite" #Battle Royale developer, has already released three new weapons in the game.

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Gameplay-wise, Epic Games says: "We're continuing to prototype new weapons and consumables, and will roll them out as they're ready". The next month is set to see five modes added - one being a new version of the 50v50 mode that debuted in December, alongside four all-new options - followed by at least five more modes shortly after.

In the future, fans can expect the SMG to return, and for Epic to temporarily remove other weapons as well. If the weapon will be stocked on the Vault soon, is there a plan to make it available again? Additionally, we're looking to add different types of items down the road (beyond just weapons and consumables) that will allow for exciting new ways to play.

Epic Games also added that both the Tactical SMG as well as the Suppressed SMG would still drop with only the normal SMG being vaulted at the moment. It's a little sparse, especially with only eighteen players involved, but could be tweaked further to include more players in future.

For those wondering if the SMG will be seen again, Epic said, "items will often come back out of the Vault when the timing is right".