Eisenhauer pleads no contest to murder of 13-year-old Nicolle Lovell


David Edmond Eisenhauer's murder trial came to an abrupt end Friday as he switched his pleas to no contest and was convicted of killing Blacksburg 13-year-old Nicole Madison Lovell.

Pettitt told jurors that Nicole and Eisenhauer had been communicating through social media for months and had met at least once in person before Nicole climbed out her bedroom window for a "secret date" with him just after midnight on January 27, 2016.

She saw an open window and realized Nicole was gone.

Lovell's prosecutor, Mary Pettitt, told the court that the girl met Eisenhauer through Kik, a popular social networking app for teenagers.

Prosecutors said that Eisenhauer had persuaded Lovell to climb out of her bedroom window to meet him January 27, 2016. "We fought every fight together..."

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Prosecutors presented a message in court that Lovell sent to Eisenhauer stating: "Dear David, you are my crush but I know you don't think of me like that. She was a bright and attractive girl", Weeks said. They also said Eisenhauer's DNA was found under Lovell's fingernails and her blood was found in the trunk of his vehicle.

The Roanoke Times reported in May 2016 Eisenhauer and Keepers exchanged text messages in the days after Lovell's murder, discussing how their own bodies smelled of cleaning solution and they were glad they did "overkill" because their lives were on the line, according to police testimony. "We all suffer with the loss of this little girl".

Blacksburg Police Chief Anthony Wilson said Eisenhauer's plea does not mean anyone won the case. Her disappearance touched off a massive search. Lovell had undergone a liver transplant at a young age and needed to take anti-rejection medication twice each day.

Lovell's body was found stabbed by a rural North Carolina roadside, about 90 miles south of her hometown of Blacksburg. A piece of paper containing the girl's address on it was also presented as evidence, which was found in Eisenhauer's dorm room and prosecutors showed the evidence that proved Eisenhauer's DNA was found under Lovell's fingernails and her blood was found in the trunk of his auto. A medical examiner testified that she had 14 stab wounds, including a lethal wound to her neck. Eisenhauer also warned Lovell not to tell anyone about their relationship.