Egypt in top-level talks with U.S. on political, economic, security releations


Tillerson will not be making any new US assistance pledges at the Iraq Reconstruction Conference, the officials said.

Baghdad says it needs almost $90 billion to rebuild devastated homes, schools, hospitals and economic infrastructure after three years of war against IS.

"In Iraq and Syria, ISIS is attempting to morph into an insurgency". But Ankara regards the group as linked to Kurdish separatists in Turkey that the government considers terrorists.

The Trump administration, concerned that the coalition it cobbled together to destroy the Islamic State group is losing sight of the prime objective, pressed its partners on Tuesday to refocus their efforts. His discussions, according to local officials quoted by The Daily Star, will likely focus on heightened tensions in the southern border region fuelled by Israel's construction of a wall and its threats over Lebanon's oil and gas exploration near a disputed maritime boundary.

An Israeli fighter jet was shot down after a strike on what Israel said was the command center in Syria where Iran launched the drone.

The comments follow a series of Israeli air strikes in Syria on February 10, which the military said targeted both Syrian and Iranian targets. It has essentially been bombed back a decade.

Months of punishing air strikes and door-to-door fighting left neighborhoods in ruins.

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He pointed out that Iraq's reserves have now reached $50 billion compared to neighboring countries, so it is considered in a good state and investors can be assured of the conditions of Iraq's economy.

Residents are dipping into savings, selling family gold or borrowing money to make needed repairs.

Abdullah, the first Arab leader to meet with Trump after his election, flew into Washington DC weeks after the president's inauguration to reportedly warn Trump against relocating the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. Baghdad has said it is determined to tackle the red tape and corruption that hamper investment.

Hiti said that the Iraqi government would unveil more than 150 investment projects in different fields, in addition to offering a number of investment projects by the private sector. "I think more donors will be coming to the table".

However, the problem of Sunni Arab representation remained.

Indeed, the Times described the Iraqi Reconstruction Conference as a "failure". A failure to rebuild also would play into the hands of Iran, which long has argued to Iraq's leaders that they can't rely on their Western allies. Administration officials had for months said they would only engage in talks with the Kim regime when Pyongyang had taken steps to denuclearize.