Congress Averts Government Shutdown, But DREAMers Pay the Price


An immigrant who was brought to the US illegally as a child castigated Democrats, particularly Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.), over the weekend for "using" Dreamers like him as political "pawns".

"Negotiations on DACA have begun", Trump tweeted early Tuesday morning. "But, at every critical moment in this country, we've come together to do what needed to be done to move the ball down the field".

Both parties have various immigration proposals that require the support of at least 60 senators to pass legislation, which will receive alternating votes between Democratic and Republican amendments, Politico reported.

Senators are slated to be on a Washington's birthday vacation next week, helping enforce Mr. McConnell's firm deadline.

He criticized Democrats for their refusal to back President Trump's proposed immigration compromise, which would grant legal status and a path to citizenship to the roughly 800,000 current recipients of DACA as well as an additional 1 million illegal aliens who would have qualified for the program had they applied.

"The only way to achieve a solution to the DACA crisis is to keep it simple", The New York Times quoted Democratic Sen.

"If we're gonna do this in this short period of time, this can't be viewed as comprehensive immigration reform", Sen. But in exchange for this, Trump wants funding for his U.S. -Mexico border wall, an end to a visa lottery program and tough curbs on visas for immigrants' families.

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Of the 70 security points included in the Trump administration's immigration wish list sent to Congress in October, half - 35 - are not included in Goodlatte's bill. The legislation tracks with an immigration proposal the White House unveiled in January and while it has support from Republican leadership, its prospects with Democrats appear slim.

According to Cotton's senate website, the bill also ends the Border Patrol's "catch and release" program, reallocates resources now directed toward the Visa Lottery Program and enacts Kate's Law. President Donald Trump has announced the discontinuation, starting March 5, of an amnesty given to almost eight lakh such people. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, created under executive order by the Obama administration, is scheduled to expire March 5 unless Congress comes up with a legislative fix.

The process for getting a vote on the bill is fraught, however, because Senate's rules are complex.

One of the proposals, sponsored by a group of Republican senators including Arkansas Sen.

Democrats are revealing their true nature even after President Donald Trump offered them an amnesty deal, says a longtime conservative activist.

The White House has not weighed in on any of the legislative options, but Trump has insisted that any immigration bill also include funding for a wall along the US border with Mexico.