Colts-Patriots a rivalry? Not with a seven-game losing streak


Originally the Indianapolis Colts had planned to cancel this morning's press conference that was supposed to be used to announce their new HC. "Are you in or out?'" Ballard said.

A rivalry usually consists of two evenly matched teams going back and forth. Then he walked out of the room.

But as Ballard stressed Wednesday, it's "about being right".

Ballard opened the news conference by referencing the tragic deaths of linebacker Edwin Jackson and ride-share operator Jeffrey Monroe on Super Bowl Sunday.

A source told Sporting News that defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus and defensive line coach Mike Phair remain bullish on their roles with the franchise no matter who is named the next head coach.

According to Hannibal, keeping McDaniels around will keep Brady happy, and at the same time, provide the team with a middleman between Belichick and the quarterback.

Six years later with Belichick and Brady, here we are, McDaniels having repaired his reputation riding the coattails of his Hall of Fame-bound head coach and quarterback. "It takes an army of good people pulling the same direction to try to have success and I think the most important thing a head coach can do". McDaniels will never be considered for an National Football League opening outside of New England after this entire fiasco.

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"There's a sense of pride in this city", Ballard said.

"Let me make this clear, I want and we want a coach for this organization that wants to be here". We got work to do. "It's about getting the right guy". Chris Ballard is ready to build Colts fans a team they deserve, but now he was caught flat footed. "We will not abandon them", Ballard said.

The Patriots' participation in the Super Bowl delayed the process for Indy. Will this move light a fire under the Colts' hooves and make them play better against the Patriots? The most notable event in McDaniels's time with the Broncos was his decision to trade three picks for the opportunity to move up and select Tim Tebow in the first round.

But the McDaniels about-face proved deflating Tuesday evening.

Asked if he had grown angry and punched a wall or erupted at the news, Ballard said: "Look here". "I'm very proud of the kid, wouldn't want anybody else on the team". I don't know if he will get the Patriots back there next year, but I wouldn't bet against him!

Evidently the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots have a rivalry again.

"Haven't read the article but I can tell you there is NO excuse big enough to justify this", Dungy wrote on Twitter in response to a story that indicated McDaniels stayed with the Pats because he was more comfortable with the team.