California lawmaker and #MeToo advocate accused of sexual misconduct


"She also says she has zero recollection of engaging in any inappropriate behavior".

The head of the California Legislative Women's Caucus - and an outspoken supporter of the #MeToo and #WeSaid Enough movements - is facing accusations of sexual harassment. And while I do not know about the payback situation firsthand, the allegations against him are so preposterous as sexual harassment, as a 20-year Human Resource Director, I may have had a hard time taking those seriously.

The lobbyist said that Garcia accosted him in May 2017 and made a graphic sexual proposal before trying to grab him in a private area.

Daniel Fierro "said she (Garcia) cornered him alone after the annual Assembly softball game in Sacramento as he attempted to clean up the dugout".

Fierro, who was 25 at the time, did not report the incident because he anxious about the long-term consequences that could come with accusing the powerful lawmaker, who chairs the Legislative Women's Caucus and the Natural Resources Committee.

A California state assemblywoman who rose to national prominence as a campaigner against sexual assault is now herself accused of misconduct. The former maths teacher claims to have three guiding priorities: women's issues, good government and socio-environmental justice. Fierro did not say anything at the time, but says he was moved to speak in January, after seeing that Garcia herself had been honoured for "speaking out" by the most iconic magazine in America.

The Silence Breakers are named Time Person of the Year
The Silence Breakers are named Time Person of the Year

Her story later featured in Time magazine's issue honouring "silence breakers".

Fierro didn't report the incident back in 2014, well before the current #MeToo movement, because he said he wanted to protect legislative staffers.

"It seems that there is an unwillingness to throw a MeToo advocate and political ally under the bus, even if she has used the movement as cover for her own sexual misconduct", said Reade.

Fierro said he immediately told two co-workers about what happened.

Burke admitted to investigators that she - according to a document made public February 2 - "participated in an inappropriate conversation regarding anal sex with capitol office staff". The lobbyist said he never reported the behavior out of concern for his clients.

Cristina Garcia, Democratic Assembly member for southern Los Angeles County, has been accused of sexual misconduct over an incident dating back to 2014. "She looked at me for a second and said, "I've set a goal for myself to f***you". He said he was attempting to leave the fundraiser partially to avoid Garcia, who he said had been "increasingly flirtatious" and had asked him several times to get drinks. "I think our public also expects us to hold ourselves to a higher standard". "I commit to continue fighting to rid the Capitol and our state of the pervasive culture of sexual harassment, assault, and overall disrespect". "He was in shock, I was in shock". He added that Garcia appeared so drunk that he would not be surprised if she did not remember that day. When the legislation was unveiled last fall, Garcia vowed not to work with any lawmakers who had been accused of sexual harassment.

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